Saturday, November 6, 2010

Only November

Dear blog friends,
Just writing to let you know I am ok! In the past month I was a bit homeless and a bit hospitalised but now I am ok.. I have a new job, a nice new house and am feeling much better about everything. I do however not have internet at my new house.. crazy I know! So this blog is pretty much capoot for the time being. If I really really wanted internet I am sure I could get it connected but life without internet is pretty good I gotta say (that and the fact that my new job involves me sitting in front of a computer all day) but ask me in a week and see if I feel the same.. I know already that I will miss reading my favourite blogs which sucks. So yeah, ummm see you around? (or, if you're not one of my penpals you should email me and we can swap addresses) Thats all! xoxo