Sunday, August 28, 2011

I did: 40 Hour Famine

Last weekend I did the 40 Hour Famine on my iPhone.. I survived! It feels a bit materialistic but it was hard! Even on the first night I had dreams about my iPhone. I missed it! It was tough not being able to call my Mum when I needed help with the gardening, call my Mister on his lunch break, I couldn't listen to any of my music on the train or at work.. that was lame. Plus, at the supermarket.. couldn't quickly Google a recipe. Ahhhh! First world problems I tell you! It's easy when you are on holiday with no phone.. but in real day to day life.. I am pretty dependant on it! But nevertheless, we survived and raised some money for World Vision :)

This weekend I have the house to my self so I am working on my Etsy store (still a few weeks away but I'm making cards and papery goods!), housework, maybe going to yoga and dinner tonight to an Italian restaurant for a friends birthday. Plus this week is my last week of the 365 Day Project!!! Expect more photos of my dinner plate and my shoes.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I love books! I also love blogs.. sometimes bloggers make books in real life and I like that! Here are some that I really really wanna get super soon. Although I am pretty sure none are actually released yet. Just knowing that they will be released soon is exciting enough for me. I love the anticipation! Don't they just look amazing! They sure make me wanna log off my silly little dial up internet and make things and learn things :)
The Bust DIY Guide to Life: Making Your Way Through Every Day by Debbie Stoller and Laurie Henzel
Make! Hey! by Pip Lincolne

Design*Sponge at Home by Grace Bonney

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Phone famine

This weekend is the 40 Hour Famine and so, I have given up my iPhone! We are about 12 hours in and last night I had dreams that I was on my phone.. oh dear! Last night we had to navigate how to drive home without Google Maps.. tough! We had to set the morning alarm on an actual alarm clock.. weird! No pretty re-pins on Pinterest.. wah! It is a strange feeling having no iPhone.. just a standard phone would be ok but no iPhone.. argh! It is a good challenge though and sure makes you think, "what did we do before we had iPhones!?"

My plan for today is building my very first veggie garden! Going to start with lettuce, tomatoes and herbs. I can't wait for the day I don't have to pay $4 for a bunch of parsley. Plus, I am going to start a compost bin. Tonight we are having out first real dinner party.. I am making a Mexican fiesta! Grilled corn, chile Colorado, tequila sunrise, apple enchiladas etc. Cannot wait! xo

Friday, August 19, 2011

Up & up!

Hello hello! Today is my day off and I realised I haven't turned on my computer for well over a week, oh dear. I have a nice big list of things to do today but not before I catch up on my some blogs. Plus, I have mega updates since last time!

#1 My wonderful fiance is now living in my house! It's really fun and now my old housemate is gone it is much more homely and "us" I love it! It literally smells like apple pie (thanks to a yummy Mozi candle) It was such a blessing that I didn't have to move out and my old housemate (our landlord) let us keep most of the furniture. We have a spare room now for music and Etsy making! We are having out first dinner party on Saturday night!

#2 I got a new job! Well kinda.. the same company I have been with for 3+ years (an outdoor adventure store) but in the city and full time! Phew! Full time is pretty exhausting but it is what I need to save for the wedding so hooray!

#3 My old housemate transferred her gym membership to me! So I have been going one or twice a week. It's ok.. I only really go for the classes.. the spin cycle classes are good but the ones like body combat where we pretend we are ninjas are a bit lame.

Well, that's the big news anyway! I realised yesterday that I haven't had broadband internet for over a year! My Mister is pretty keen on getting it connected here (and so am I) so hopefully more blogging in the future. Also, my 365 day project is almost over! So many photos!