Thursday, April 29, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Purchasing Cohesion on vinyl!, still paying for everything with coins, Banff Film Festival this week, Roz Savage being my new hero, nice friendly customers that ask how my day is going, cute boys that work at Dick Smith, talking to my sister on msn after work and discussing future kitchen furniture for our house (!), getting dating advice that turns out be about samurai swords and nothing actually to do with boys, finally wearing my pastel peach floral tshirt from Miss Selfridges, talking about the future with my boss and possible interstate transfers, earl grey tea turning into a daily occurrence, pay day and not having $0 in the bank for the first time in a month!, when the dog down the road visits my house, teriyaki tofu, apartment design blogs, finishing books, looking forward to going vegetarian, public holiday pay rates, Dawsons Creek season 6, red photo box from Kikki K, free gifts from Kikki K and this amazing April weather that I never ever ever want to end.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Curious Tuesday 001

Gala Darling saves the day! I feel like I have things I want to say but really there is nothing in particular at all at the moment, or at least I don't know how to put it into words so this post is inspired by this post. It may now be Wednesday in sunny old Perth but this is part of the very first "Curious Tuesday" that I woke up this morning to see on the internets and therefor, todays blog post. (either that or another quote about lying in bed all day..) It will most likely turn into a weekly thing as I love Q & A's!

What is the strangest compliment you’ve ever received? An old friend told me last year that I was "so international" which I found a little humorous as I was born in Perth and have essentially lived here (in the excact same suburb) for the past 24 years and I really don't even think I travel more than most people. Regardless, I like being told that.

2. What’s your little-known talent? I am pretty organised. From the outside, my life might look like a mess but it is really just organised choas. I start packing for trips weeks and even months in advance. I write lists everyday for everything. Mainly because I think if I don't write it down it won't happen because I will forget because I forget alot of things and it's almost always because I had not written it down.

3. What do you obsessively search for on eBay? Bruce Springsteen shirts circa 1986. YSL air mail purse. Black and white oxford brogue flats. Vintage suitcases.

4. When you were a child, who did you worship & want to be like? I have always had a soft spot for Pippy Longstockings! Growing up I had ginger hair and freckles and no one else did but Pippy. Pippy was on tv, in the coolest tattiest clothes, she lived by the ocean, in a big old house without any parents just her pets and she would sing and dance and go on adventures everyday! Dream life!

5. What was your palate band? Otherwise known as the first band you heard that made you realise the world of music was larger than whatever the Top 20 singles were! (The idea for this one came from here!) I remember standing in Brashes and I only had enough money for one single and it was came down to Hole - Celebrity Skin vs Billie - Because We Want To.. I am still so glad Courtney won. I remember the next day at school, I think it was year 6 or 7 and no one else had heard of Hole and I felt pretty cool.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Later on I'm crying my stupid eyes out

Somethings I did this week:

-Paid for a cd with all gold coins that I stole from my brothers piggy bank. It was for the new Kate Nash cd and therefor, essential and for the record, so fucking worth it.

-Met up with my best friend from high school whom I havent seen in over a year. It wasn't like "whoa, lets hang out every weekend again" but it was nice to catch up and to know that neither of us hate each other. Up until very recently I used to feel like she did hate me but really, we have just grown apart and I am finally okay with that.

-I bought a one way plane ticket to Melbourne. Because you know, I have been thinking life is too short to spend here living at home, commuting for almost 2 hours a day to a job I almost loathe, to hang out with no friends on the weekends. I leave early June! I will be living with my best friend in her house with her puppy and kitten and it will be a vegetarian house too!

-Laid on a hospital bed to get 2 incisions and subsequent stitches on my legs to save me from possible melanomas in the future. The needles were so painful but the nurse gave me 2 Tim Tams afterwards so that was ok. I was devastated to hear that I would not be allowed to run for at least 10 days though, I am already missing it pretty bad and this also totally messes up my marathon training which I now won't be able to compete in 2 weeks.In fact I am not allowed to run, swim or any lower body exercise.. which pretty much leaves me with.. typing on my laptop?

-Cleared out my wardrobe, well not the clothes side of it but all the other things in there like my old cassettes, old letters from penpals and the 10+ journals I have saved. Most of them are taped shut but I opened a few up to have a quick read. I think if I am going to sit down and really go through them I want to be a bit older and feel a bit more emotionally sorted out because really, at the moment, any old diary entry from 5 years ago could have just as likely have been from yesterday. Not much has changed hey! Although I like looking through my old travel diary at any old time.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm old enough now to pretend

"When one is sad, it is lovely to lie in the warmth of one's bed, and there, with all effort and struggle at an end, even perhaps with one's head under the blankets, surrender completely to wailing, like branches in the autumn wind" Marcel Proust

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

♥ Crushing on that cute hardcore ginger boy that works down the road, journalling on the train on Saturday mornings, empty buses, Ginnifer Goodwin, getting drunk on sisterhood, Kate Nash fucking swearing, Kate Nash's new album streaming live, ordering Kate Nash's new album from my favorite record store, everything about Kate Nash, imaging how cute a Kate Nash audience would look, planning roadtrip down south for the winter, Masterchef back on tv, Lisa winning Biggest Loser and being first ever female to win!, reading my old blog, anticipating a sleep in, my new polaroid wall, Mettams beach on a Sunday, pre sale tickets, buying tickets for interstate concerts, postcard in the mail to say "the Kate Nash cd your ordered is now available for pickup", cinnamon and honey with natural yogurt for breakfast and The Notebook Doodles blog especially the letters to crushes set from his/her Flickr, awww.


This song reminds me of the mid 90's and my old house and my brother.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Things I bought before I ended up with $1.50 in the bank

I don't go shopping very often, I swear I don't. I buy plane tickets before stilettos. I buy hiking equipment before hair spray. I have spent the past 4 years saving and spending for several airplanes in and out of this country. However now I am back home with no trip to save for and sometimes somethings in shops just make me feel weak and vulnerable. If I ever have half an hour to spare in the city I will almost always go and drool over the Marc Jacobs handbags at David Jones. I simply do not know why.. I cannot and will not actually ever bring myself to ever spent such amounts of money on such things, so who knows. So, here is a small collection of where my last paycheck went and why I now have less than $2 in the bank for the next fortnight.

Love Mail tote from Kikki K
This bag is basically everything I want in a bag.. it's big, it's tough and it looks like a huge airmail envelope. It was quite funny as when I first spotted in the shop, I hugged it and then realised the sales assistant was behind me. I laughed at my myself


Birchwood jacket from Macpac
A simple grey coat, ohhhh! Cannot wait to wear this for winter, MMMMM.

Mineral Lip & Cheek Tint by Natio
I am not a make up type of girl at all but I do like the idea of chemical free mineral makeup, plus I am a sucker for rosy cheeks and bright lips. This beauty has a really handy easy to use applicator too (unlike those silly wands and pots), this one is literally like a paint brush and I really like the colour too.

Icebreaker printed leggings in Daphne Quartz
The moment I saw these I knew I needed them in my life. They are snowflakes! As thermal leggings! It's sweet sweet merino! I also got the the matching top too. I love thermals especially when they are aren't plain black, mmmmm. Now we just need some wintery weather..

Gyroscope - Cohesion
When I say "my boys" this is the band I am talking about. I calculated that since I first saw them in 2001 I have seen them live 63 times! That may be alot of times, but I will never tire of hearing or seeing them live. I love them more than any other band in the universe and I am so impressed and proud of their new album.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Searching for the missing pieces

"I sometimes think that people’s hearts are like deep wells. Nobody knows what’s at the bottom. All you can do is imagine by what comes floating to the surface every once in a while."

Haruki Murakami

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

♥ April 9th! Gyroscope instore & old bff reunions & my Dell delivered & sushi for the first time since Japan & James Mercer in the mail & The Sweater Song!

♥ April 14th! Turning 24 and not feeling bad about it & all the phanau & phone call from boy crush & reserving many a wonderful book at the library & the weather (sunny with rain and not muggy.. mmmm) & so many lovely messages from friends & The Wheaton Occurance and bizarre sms timing from boy crush.
& ♥ my new running training watch, runnning in general, my Dockers, setting the date for Tassie, re-watching old favorites on my day off, smses from boys about Big Bang Theory, a real French patisserie opening up next door to my work, Japanese plum wine, Fifty500, not quitting just yet, brown paper packages and envelopes, finding new awesome blogs, "little spoon", advice from Ella Bache, little tiny lambs at the petting farm at the shops, learning hook turns, scarf climates, Splendor in the Grass announcement with possible Kate Nash sideshows!?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

24 forever

Blowing out the candles from my cake

I choke on the smoke as I look around the room
Everybodys wishing for no more mistakes

And all that I can think about is you
Still too young to fail, to scared to sail away

But one of these days I'll grow old

And I'll grow brave and I'll go
One of these days
La da la da la da

Angus & Julia Stone - Chocolates and Cigarettes

Today it is my 24th birthday! I did have a wee mid youth melt-down some weeks ago but I like to think I am over all that so heres to high hopes and bursting dreams for the coming year. Not much has changed since this day last year, I am still living at home, with no drivers license or awe aspiring career or heart stopping love from a dream boat of a boyfriend and most of my bff's still exist in other countries.. but I do think I am in a better place this year. I have plans for the future that are well on their way and I have done alot of amazing things since my last birthday so it's all good. Today I refused to work so I could sleep in (or at least try to..), watched Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, went for a nice long run along the beach, went the library, had a back massage and soon the fam is going to have a big Mexican feast ♥

Monday, April 12, 2010

Spirulina & I

Spirulina is from an ancient South American algae plant that is highly nutrious and packed full of protein and heaps of other goodies. I have read many a great thing about this wonderous green vitamin and I did consume a fair amount of it in juices and smoothies in New Zealand (not so popular in Australia for some reason?) and so I decieded to increase my intake by taking it in vitamin capsule form as I have been lacking in energy levels lately. I was at my local health food store and keen to try something magical and energy boosting and Life Stream spirulina was the winner. So, the capsule is very dark green and chalky and tastes like powdered grass, pretty much. The actual packaging says you can take up to 18 capsules a day to maximize the effects and to get optimum nutrition.. what the flip? I have better things to do with my day than take that crazy amount! The most I think I took in any one day was perhaps 7-8. Luckily they didn't give me a funny aftertaste like fish oil vitamins do but I still don't like swallowing big green hockey pucks too often. Overall, I wasn't too impressed with any affects it had on me. The label says "rich in nutrients for lasting energy" and I was no getting any extra energy at all so thumbs down! Next time I think I will get it in powder form to add to my spinach and berry smoothies.

Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm working on the forever part.

Ally: I have my dessert first.
Tyler: Is that a political statement? A medical condition, perhaps?
Ally: I just don't see the point in waiting. I mean, what if I die while eating my entree?
Tyler: Is that probable?
Ally: It's possible. What if I choke? What if an asteroid come hurling down onto the restaurant

Very good point Ally! I really enjoyed Remember Me, sure I don't watch alot of movies but this one was sweet with young love and angsty with parental issues and totally hearbreaking in the end. Plus, R-Pattz in non-vampire form, yes please. Also, it kind of effected my way of thinking this past week re: what if I die tomorrow? I should eat my dessert first .. or maybe do other things that I haven't done yet but don't want to die not doing. Cryptic, I know.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

The pop, sleeping in, Dell time getting closer, pay day time getting closer, Melbourne time getting closer, finally figuring out how to make the setting on here look less crap, a clean room, making appointments, Midnight Youth touring in June, talking to boys about bands, making out with the Big Bang Theory on in the background, when parents go away for the weekend, sms advice, 3 cheese toasties, Grolsch beer, public holidays, matching Shanghai set, Port Royal, impromptu FB chats with my sister.

♥ MONSTERS OF FOLK. In particular, this song..

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oh Sleevie, oh Sleevie, why can't you see

I am currently in the market for a sleeve for my brand new laptop.
These are some of my current favourites..

Felt Sachel from Kikki K
I think if I owned this I would have to plaster it in some kind of decal or patch because as much as I like grey marle and felt, it is very plain. If only it was red felt! & if only it had a zipper (as I am likely to spill things all over it) But the button detail and general shape is pretty tops

Ahhhhh above most things I love snail mail and how amazing is this sleeve! It appears to be padded, semi water resistant and with a velcro closure..pretty much pefrect. I think this is the winner already hands down

I love the colour brown and tree silouettes so this is pretty perfect for me. Plus, handles!

BookBook from Twelve Below

It's a book? No! It's a standard laptop sleeve? No! It's for Macs only? Yes, booooooo.

It is a pretty simple design, but made of sweet neoprene which is a big plus as I am pretty good at dropping things. Also, it's red and quite good value at $50.

VERDICT: I don't know! Plus there is a whole other world of sleeve possiblities on Etsy. I am starting to think maybe I will attempt to make my own.. all I need is a zipper, fabric and padding right? My actual laptop is still on lazy way to me from the factory so I will wait and see. Stay tuned!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

She hid around corners and she hid under beds.

& I never wanted anything from you
except for everything you had and what was left after that too. oh.
happiness it hit her like a bullet in the back
struck from a great height by someone who should know better than that.
the dog days are over the dog days are gone!

Dog Days Are Over by Florence And The Machine

Friday, April 2, 2010

101 Project: March update

Inspired by the Day Zero Project!
Start : 11th March 2010 Finish : 7th December 2012
Italic = in process of completing Bold = completed
My full 101 in 1000 Days list here

1. Make 101 blog
This is my 101 blog, now I just have to maintain it!

2. Do monthly 101 Project update on blog (1/34)
At the end of every month I will see what I have completed and what I still need to do

3. Try online dating
Blerghhh, yes, I have a profile on Oasis Active and have received some flirts and chatted to a few boys. I much prefer the old fashioned way, you know.. meeting in real life.

4. Go on a date.
I wore a super cute dress and he bought me bubble tea and we held hands by the river and afterwards he sent me adorable texts.. it was cute. But now it's over, sadly.

16. Take one photo of myself a month (1/34)
Just as I was half way through this task my camera went into a coma. Just froze. Mysterious. But still, got a photo of me with bed hair and blood shots eyes, nice.

17. See dentist
3 fillings later and I must remember to floss more!

20. Paint nails once a month (1/34)
I painted them pastel shimmer pink for my date. Even matched my cardigan!

23. Buy a lingerie set
It's got florals, it's cute, but I have no reason to wear it in the foreseeable future.

29. Have a weekly face mask , now known "Have a monthly face mask" (1/34)
I've decided that weekly is not very realistic for so I will striving to do one monthly, at least. I finally used the black face mask I got from Japan.. it is literally black paint and when it dries it peels off and takes your blackheads/clogged pores with it! It's a bit magical and I really should endeavor to do it more often.

61. Give up coffee
I have never been a coffee addict as such, but I do wish to eradicate it from my diet as I don't like it when it gives me heart palpitations, strange that. So the goal is to only drink it when out with friends "for coffee" as a special occasion and not to drink everyday before work and/or at work.

77. Go to church
Technically, I did go to church but it was for a funeral. I would like to go back again for a normal service. Even though I don't understand most of it or even believe in most of it, it makes me feel less alone

96. Read at least 1 novel a month (1/34)
I read Return to Barsaloi by Corrine Hoffman. I love her stories about Kenya. Also, I watched the White Masai movie at last and loved it. Travel narratives = best genre.

Things I Love Thursday

♥ Better be home soon & the archers bows have broken & just a boy live in concert at long last, the fucking drummer at my work!, lifts home, Cohesion streaming, smses about those shirtless boys and mullets, San Churros with lovely ladies, payday, R-Pattz in Remember Me, shopping for training watches, finally owning a pair of Tigers, my Dell arriving in Australia, dating advice from my sister, beer, a real two day weekend, the prospect of sleeping in, Easter madness at work being over with!

Honestly, this week kinda sucked. I tried to believe it was all ok and keep my chin up but the truth is I am just exhausted, broke, lost and now.. heartbroken. Getting dumped by a boy that isn't even your actual boyfriend but is the closest thing you have ever been to having one on April Fools, suckssssssss! Bring on April 2nd!