Thursday, September 23, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

♥ Friday mornings, getting my fringe back, hearing the postie, Kit cosmetics, refunds, cookie dough Pop Tarts (best!), diy Grill'd, late night lols, not shitty group interviews, surprise faces, chocolate parcel from Great Britain, Washi tape at Borders, raspberry and pineapple gelato for lunch, new skyline eye spy spots, finding new skateboarding roads, phone calls from NZ, re-creating our first date, watching I Love You, Man again, watching The Room for the first and last time, Tasmania soon!, my operation soon!, free pizza, Timezone, hot tea, rainbow umbrellas, feel better soup in country towns, more plane tickets, getting lost, proposals at the dam, maroon fleeces, dancing to the My Girl soundtrack in Borders (seriously, best soundtrack/film ever? yeah), stockings, anticipating BDO bands line up next week!

P.S. Hello, sorry I have shit all to say these days. I am looking for a job in any variety and a new house in almost any variety otherwise my return to Perth will be alot sooner than I want because Melbourne is tough and I don't know how much more I can handle. Life in Perth is so much easier. I wish I could go back to high school and speak with a career advisor because surely I should be a little more on track with a real job by now. Plus, thinking a housemate will be ok just because he reminds you of a friend doesn't mean he will be a good housemate. Ugh :(

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

♥ Double decker red nail polish, greek yogurt, leaving my phone in his car, mix cds in the mail, studying maps, relationship updates!, thinking I start work at 12 only to realise I don't start until 2pm, breakfast together, my walls, hardcore conga line, familiar faces in Melbourne, brown rice, wall of love, butter, new FB friends, late night pancakes, old married couples, cardigans at work!, forehead kisses, pearl nail polish, when he brings me onion rings, birds that chirp pretty chirps real loud in the morning, my first invite to an engagement party!, Triple J, the patterns on the inside of bill envelopes, men that bake me raspberry muffins, Mexican meet ups, anticipating new stock at work, getting organised, talking about food, making him breakfast, foreign train tickets, cinnamon in my coffee, reading poetry to my boyf, my Dockers, a good library visit, men that make me tea, taking a photo a day, Boosh with Baileys, living in my shoebox, after dinner hot chocolates, eyespying new op shops, chin up moments, talking to customers about Kenya, country folk , Malaysian restaurant garnishes, Christian hardcore, dreaming of Cornerstone festival, dreams with Bruce Springsteen in them, vanilla toothpaste, singing in his car, massive tubes filled with smores ingredients, bulk soda, days off together, sharing ice cream sundaes, super hero undies, crossing fingers for the house with carpet and the porch, finally reading again, tax returns.

Whoa, that's a whole lotta love this week! I haven't done one in a few weeks, woops!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Keep calm and something something

So you probaly wouldn't know and I'm probaly not going to tell you why but I have been having a bit of a rough time lately. But, I am trying to find ways to keep my chin up. Ways that don't involve buying blouses from Sportsgirl or dvd boxsets of Gilmore Girls. I want this to be a positive blog, well, really.. I just want to be happy. Here are some of the ways I am trying to avoid floods of tears..

-Decorating envelopes! And making my own stationary! I get into a big papery mess on my bed and it takes a few good hours but I love making that kind of thing for my penpals

-Ticking things off my to do list. Most days it is longer than it should be because I write things like "get up" and "eat breakfast".. just in case I forget but I still get the perk of ticking it off my list

-Smsing my boyf mis-heard Flight of the Concords lyrics

-Making my own muesli out of brazil nuts, cinnamon, pepitas, oats, flax and sultanas. OM NOM NOM

-Going for walks to my hidden park and trying to out quack the ducks

-Plastering my walls with Hold Steady lyrics "we gotta stay postive" etc

-Catching trains for 30+ minutes just so I can read my book in silence with a nice view

-Hacking apart magazines simply for nice typography and patterns.

-Listening to Huddle Formation by The Go! Team. So effing good!

That's all I really have. It is working somewhat but at the end of the day I am still feeling pretty bummed about things. Any tips? xoxo

Friday, September 10, 2010

101 Project: July and August update!

Remember when I started this blog in ermmmm March I think and the reason for starting it was because I wanted to do the 101 Project and document it on here as I don't usually have much to say otherwise (oh hey, like today and the past month) well, I still am doing the project.. I swear! However I haven't really actively tried to tick anything off the list for the past 2 months, plus some need reviewing as I have changed my mind about some. But it's all good as I have a few years to still conquer the rest! But I guess here is an update of sorts.. but not many if any!

Inspired by the Day Zero Project!
Start : 11th March 2010
Finish : 7th December 2012
Italic = in process of completing
Bold = completed

4. Tell crush I like him
I tell my boyfriend everyday how much I like him :)

34. Run 5km
That is/was pretty much my daily training route leading up to my 10km.

35. Run 10km.
Yeah I did!

53. Go to a multi day music festival
In January I will be going to Parachute.. a 4 day music festival in New Zealand :D

61. Give up coffee
I don't think that is going to happen hey. I don't drink more than one cup a day and it's only instant but yeah, I can't remember my reasoning for needing to quit but I like it and one shouldn't give up something one likes.. especially when with cinnamon and vanilla.

81. Make 5 people mixcds (5/5)
I did this one without even realising! Booyah! I made my boyfriend a hardcore cd and I sent 2 cd's as part of Biancas mix cd swap. Done and dusted! But I will still make mix cds because they are the BEST.

96. Read at least 1 novel a month
I have read several parts of several novels. I have read lots of running books, hiking books, cook books, I am reading the bible but I have not actually read one whole novel for some time. Booooooo. I want to though, I just can't find a bloody book that is good enough for my eyes which is annoying because i go to the library so much but nothing catches my eye and everything I do want they don't have. Any good book suggestions please?


Monday, September 6, 2010

These days vs those days

Ola! I am back from the wild west of Perth. You know whats good? Hometowns. We went to the beach alot, ate several varieties of burgers, went to Timezone in several locations, made epic breakfasts, ate alot of amazing food in general, my boyf got a tattoo, I lost a filling from one of my tooths!, watched my Dockers smash the first semis, I ran into a few old pals and hugged my parents heaps.. all in all a bloody good time. Now I am home in my other home state and feeling ok, but shit, I miss the ocean and lots of things about my real home. I had my first work trial at le French cafe today which was ok.. wore some new shoes that made my feet feel like roasted marshmallows (in a bad way) and I wiped alot of tables. I just ate some stirfry and tonight I am catching up on letters, doing my tax return and watching new Big Bang!

Oh also, on the 1st of September 2010 I begun my very own 365 day project of taking one photo every day for a year. Why? Because I have a Flickr account (do you? add me!) but I don't really use it (or take photos) when I am not travelling so this will be a good way for me to take more plus to learn how to make my camera take semi decent photos. I tried to do it a few years ago but didn't get past the first month, plus several of my favourite bloggers are doing it at the moment so that will be encouraging :)