Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Collection: cassettes

I thought I would share my wee collection of cassette themed things I have. I actually have a fair bit more back home so this is just what I have here in Melbourne. When I was little I would spend my afternoons when I got home from school making mixes dubbed off the radio and then listen to them all night, then when I was old enough to buy CD's I would make mixes for family car trips. I didn't start making mix tapes for friends til high school. My friends and I would make each other ones every couple of months and I still treasure that collection back home so much (never ever throwing out), I have at least 15 I think. I can't wait til I get my own car.. because then I can pump out my mix tapes again! P.S How good is Picnik for photo editing? So good!
1. My old battered coin purse that I take everywhere.
2. I have a cassette pillow! It is tiny and when I first saw it I couldn't believe someone would make a pillow so small! It is the size of a novel.
3. Mooks tshirt.. pretty sure this was the first ever white shirt I ever purchased.
4. Hair tie purse. I got it somewhere in Manchester years ago.
5. Months ago I participated in a package swap and my lovely partner Noella made me this! I was so impressed! It's a little notebook bound to the cassette. Amazing!
6. iPhone case! It is a rubbery old thing and isn't the most protective but I love it!
7. Engagement ring! My most favourite thing in the world! <3
8. My BFF have me this so long ago. It has been all over the world with me, I keep bobby pins and such inside.
9. Real cassettes I found on the side of the road. I am thinking of using them to decorate the Christmas tree this year.

This is my engagement ring! My fiance had it custom made by my favourite jeweller, Victoria Mason right here in Melbourne. Months in the making! She is such a lovely lady and I have been buying her stuff for a few years and I am in awe of it every time I see it on my hand. She even blogged about it here which I think is pretty amazing to see how it all came together.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hello again!

Hello hello!

Last Friday night I went to a blog meet up! I met one of my all time favourite bloggers, Sarah from Yes & Yes! She is just so awesome and very inspiring. There was about 10 of us, a mix of bloggers and readers, and we spent the whole night talking about blogs and the internet and eating dumplings. It was pretty great! So, since then I haven't really stopped thinking about blogging. I noticed I haven't posted here since November last year! Quite a bit has changed.. I am still in Melbourne but my then boyfriend is now my fiance! I am still doing my 365 day project. I have abandoned my 101 in 1000 days project. I still read the same blogs and still adore them all. I still love pen pals, mix cds and writing lists. I am currently looking for full time work and feeling a bit bummed about it all so I thought.. blogging would be nice again. I sure have missed it! I still don't have very good internet connection at home but that's ok. Who said you need internet to blog! Haha. So yeah, here I am on a chilly Thursday afternoon, listening to Biffy Clyro, drinking ginger tea and about to post my first blog post in over 6 months! Cool beans! I am excited about blogging more here. And that is more exciting than having no blog I must say! xo