Friday, October 15, 2010

Reeling through an endless fall

Hello bloggy! Sorry I have been a bit absent lately, I have plenty o reasons! Here is a small assortment of some things I have been upto..
-I moved out of my fail of a unit and I am now crashing at my boyfs wee little place for a few weeks. It's cosy and fun but I am pretty keen to get my own bed back and have more than 1 bag in my possession. Plus, living in a house with 3 other boys is all sorts of interesting and gross!
-I went to hospital! I had an operation that is taking forever to recover from and it really sucks. I added more scars to my collection and I can't start running again for a few weeks but, the op was all fine and I am getting better everyday so it's all good. I'm alive!
-I'm not going to Tasmania anymore because the doctors don't recommend that I hike through the wilderness with a 10kg pack for the next few months. I am utterly devastated. My bff from NZ is coming over especially and we were gonna hunt down some snow and pick berries and shit but not now. Lamest.
-I start a new full time job on Monday! It's as customer service representative for a internet company :) I get to wear blouses, I get my own desk, a real salary and get to hang out with nerds all day! Very excited! I haven't had a real full time job since like 2005 when I was a checkout chick (but that doesn't count as it was a terrible time)
-Counting down to NZ in January. Bands & camping & boyf & summer = best vacation everrrr?
-Saw Alexisonfire! Long anticipated sing alongs ensued but there was a bit of a fail ending.
-Thanksgiving! Clearly not a celebrated thing down under but I will use any excuse to pretend to be from North America and to make my own pumpkin pie.
-Tax return dollars and putting them straight into savings.
-Getting my Holga film developed! I haven't used my beloved camera in years but I picked it up when I was home and very very excited about FILM.
-Finders Keepers craft market came to Melbourne! I was so stoked to get to go.. so many lovelies there and I even saved some dollars especially for the occasion but only actually bought one thing (wooden cassette brooch!). Restraint success! I wanted so many tea towels and prints it was a bit ridiculous.
-Watching Eat Pray Love at the movies! One of these days I will see it.
-I am still doing my 365 photo project after 40+ days! I almost forgot the other night but saved the day with an average photo of the doona. It's fun though and I am not trying as hard as I did last time which is good as it takes the pressure off. I like my average photos! See them all on my Flickr :D

That is pretty much it in a nutshell. Au revior! xoxo


  1. Congratulations on the new job and a million cuddles about everything else. I am worried about you and this hospital thing, missy! (Was I meant to write you a letter first by the way? Haha I forget *blush*) Oh also I totally plan on moving to Melbourne in 2012 so YOU BETTER STILL BE LIVING THERE SO WE CAN BE MELBOURNE BFFS OKAY?!

  2. Aw, congratulations on your new job! That's terrific! :) And I also want to see 'Eat Pray Love' - I didn't make it all the way through the book, so I'm excited about the movie! :)

  3. Aww, I hope you recover well from your surgery quickly and nicely! And yay, we've both seen Alexisonfire this year! haha.