Friday, August 19, 2011

Up & up!

Hello hello! Today is my day off and I realised I haven't turned on my computer for well over a week, oh dear. I have a nice big list of things to do today but not before I catch up on my some blogs. Plus, I have mega updates since last time!

#1 My wonderful fiance is now living in my house! It's really fun and now my old housemate is gone it is much more homely and "us" I love it! It literally smells like apple pie (thanks to a yummy Mozi candle) It was such a blessing that I didn't have to move out and my old housemate (our landlord) let us keep most of the furniture. We have a spare room now for music and Etsy making! We are having out first dinner party on Saturday night!

#2 I got a new job! Well kinda.. the same company I have been with for 3+ years (an outdoor adventure store) but in the city and full time! Phew! Full time is pretty exhausting but it is what I need to save for the wedding so hooray!

#3 My old housemate transferred her gym membership to me! So I have been going one or twice a week. It's ok.. I only really go for the classes.. the spin cycle classes are good but the ones like body combat where we pretend we are ninjas are a bit lame.

Well, that's the big news anyway! I realised yesterday that I haven't had broadband internet for over a year! My Mister is pretty keen on getting it connected here (and so am I) so hopefully more blogging in the future. Also, my 365 day project is almost over! So many photos!


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