Thursday, November 3, 2011

Days that end in y

Dear Blogger,

I have been looking forward to this moment all week. It's Thursday afternoon and I got to finish work early so I get home when it's still light outside. I have a nice glass of icey raspberry soda and our internet is back to it's normal speed so I can finally catch up on reading some blogs in peace and quiet. I am rostered to work tomorrow but I feel like I need a "mental health day" off. Also, there are (hopefully) hundreds of jobs online waiting for me to apply for. Work is causing me all sorts of grief lately and blogs are one of the little things that are keeping me sane these days. Thank goodness for wonderful blogs :)

Some other things making me happy this week..
-Ryan (always!)
-Registering for Oxfam Trailwalker (100km hike in 48 hours, wooo!)
-Possibly doing a admin/business scholarship
-Getting tickets to see Bright Eyes next week
-Seeing my bestie next week!
-My wedding dress getting all pretty and altered

xo Sharni


  1. what beautiful things to look forward to! i wish i could go to the Bright Eyes concert with you.

    sharni, thank goodness for your blog <3



  2. how freaking awesome are mental health days!!! hooray!

    ...and your list is awesome! i SO want to do the oxfam trailwalker... i just need to get some new knees! haha!


  3. I love Bright Eyes! What an amazing opportunity!

  4. Oh what a great happy list! That Oxfam Trailerwalker sounds wonderful. Good on you for getting involved :)

  5. That *is* a great day! And Bright Eyes - so fun!