Thursday, March 4, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Seeing as Gala Garling is pretty much my blogging hero, I've decided to write about Things I Love (every!) Thursday! Plus, I simply love writing lists.

♥ Running! I have started training this week for my first 5km race and it feels great.
♥ Haircuts! After trampling through the bush for the past few months I was glad to get my hair tidied up at last. I even bought conditioner.. I never use conditioner!
♥ Do Wah Doo! Kate Nash is back!!!!
♥ Jonas Brothers! It all started back in November on my flight from Japan to New Zealand when I was stumped for what to watch so Jonas it was. They are such sharp dressers, write such catchy songs and are quite hilarious. I don't have cable tv so I can't watch them so I just have to listen to their cd's. Favourite song of the moment is Much Better. Swoon! But wait, they have movies don't they too!?
♥ Paychecks! I got my first paycheck in 6 months this week which means soon I can buy a laptop!
Just Me blog! Maybe I haven't looked hard enough but there aren't many awesome boy bloggers out there. Jeremy is pretty rad & crafty & Canadian!

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