Friday, September 10, 2010

101 Project: July and August update!

Remember when I started this blog in ermmmm March I think and the reason for starting it was because I wanted to do the 101 Project and document it on here as I don't usually have much to say otherwise (oh hey, like today and the past month) well, I still am doing the project.. I swear! However I haven't really actively tried to tick anything off the list for the past 2 months, plus some need reviewing as I have changed my mind about some. But it's all good as I have a few years to still conquer the rest! But I guess here is an update of sorts.. but not many if any!

Inspired by the Day Zero Project!
Start : 11th March 2010
Finish : 7th December 2012
Italic = in process of completing
Bold = completed

4. Tell crush I like him
I tell my boyfriend everyday how much I like him :)

34. Run 5km
That is/was pretty much my daily training route leading up to my 10km.

35. Run 10km.
Yeah I did!

53. Go to a multi day music festival
In January I will be going to Parachute.. a 4 day music festival in New Zealand :D

61. Give up coffee
I don't think that is going to happen hey. I don't drink more than one cup a day and it's only instant but yeah, I can't remember my reasoning for needing to quit but I like it and one shouldn't give up something one likes.. especially when with cinnamon and vanilla.

81. Make 5 people mixcds (5/5)
I did this one without even realising! Booyah! I made my boyfriend a hardcore cd and I sent 2 cd's as part of Biancas mix cd swap. Done and dusted! But I will still make mix cds because they are the BEST.

96. Read at least 1 novel a month
I have read several parts of several novels. I have read lots of running books, hiking books, cook books, I am reading the bible but I have not actually read one whole novel for some time. Booooooo. I want to though, I just can't find a bloody book that is good enough for my eyes which is annoying because i go to the library so much but nothing catches my eye and everything I do want they don't have. Any good book suggestions please?



  1. Excellent progress! I love your 101 updates :)

  2. At least you are doing your 101 things. Mine is pretty much abandoned.

    Thanks for entering my giveaway too!