Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hello again!

Hello hello!

Last Friday night I went to a blog meet up! I met one of my all time favourite bloggers, Sarah from Yes & Yes! She is just so awesome and very inspiring. There was about 10 of us, a mix of bloggers and readers, and we spent the whole night talking about blogs and the internet and eating dumplings. It was pretty great! So, since then I haven't really stopped thinking about blogging. I noticed I haven't posted here since November last year! Quite a bit has changed.. I am still in Melbourne but my then boyfriend is now my fiance! I am still doing my 365 day project. I have abandoned my 101 in 1000 days project. I still read the same blogs and still adore them all. I still love pen pals, mix cds and writing lists. I am currently looking for full time work and feeling a bit bummed about it all so I thought.. blogging would be nice again. I sure have missed it! I still don't have very good internet connection at home but that's ok. Who said you need internet to blog! Haha. So yeah, here I am on a chilly Thursday afternoon, listening to Biffy Clyro, drinking ginger tea and about to post my first blog post in over 6 months! Cool beans! I am excited about blogging more here. And that is more exciting than having no blog I must say! xo


  1. Haha I'm so bad with keeping up with blogs I hadn't seen this post, and so a bunch of the questions I asked in my email are probably a bit redundant now! I'm glad you're back to blogging! :)