Friday, July 22, 2011

A list for cheering up.

This past week I had to fly home to sunny Perth, WA to see my family (and to ride bikes, have spas, eat some good home cooking and deliver my wedding dress to my Mum who has offered to alter it for me!) It is meant to be winter.. the sun shined all the time! I wore 2 layers not 5 layers of clothing, ha! I applied for alot of jobs and still nothing and it's all getting very annoying (although the 9:30am sleep today was nice..). I just really want a full time job! So anyway, here is a list of things that are keeping me sane and making me smile..

I made: home made pasta! The greatest fun ever and pretty tasty too! This is the only photo I took but as you can's fettuccine. Sure, it took a while longer than packet stuff but, it's fun! Packet pasta is rarely fun! Me, Mum & Dad all helped out and made the kitchen very floury.

If I had a spare $50: Gemma Correll has made pug and kitten brooches! Ahhhhh. She is one of my most favourite illustrators and I just love wooden jewellery, plus the lovely (Aussie!) people at Made By White actually made the brooches! I love them both!
Where I am using all my internet time: Pinterest! At first I didn't understand but then I realised.. you can put things in FOLDERS! I love being organised and folders and the fact that you can refer back to a picture later (not so easy on Tumblr..)
Watching on DVD til late at night: Parks & Recreation. I love that there is a main female character, Amy Poehler is amazing. I am only on season 1 so far. So good.

Book I finally finished: Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I think it took me about 5 or 6 weeks, but unlike my other "current" book, this one I wanted to finish. I love books about lists, goals and self improvement. Love it! It could be why I was inspired to start blogging again too (well that & Sarah Von)

A nice video: I am seeing this band, The Paperkites tonight! I love this film clip.. very Where The Wild Things are, nice for a wintery morning. If anyone has any other nice Melbourne bands please let me know as my local music knowledge is pretty low around these parts.

That's all! Have a lovely weekend xoxo


  1. congrats girl on the engagement how did i miss that? i would love a trip to sunny perth, so called here.

  2. Those brooches are cute and I want to read that book. Lists is always a winner with me.

    You can use the embed button on youtube. You copy the code and put it in your post. I really can't explain things sorry...:(

  3. Megan: I got enagaged in February (on my blogging hiatus) Perth was at at 10c warmer than the East coast.. I had forgotten how good it was.

    Gracie: THANKYOU! I think I got it embed now :)

  4. Oooh, so jealous of your visit to Perth! I'm originally from Perth, and I love going back to visit family and friends!

    I'm becoming increasingly interested in Pintrest, but I'm trying to resist because I already have so many sites I check every day!

    x Jasmine

  5. oh a wedding and homemade pasta! pasta is definately on my life of things to start making... just to find the time! eek!

    Thanks for signing up for the sheet swap... i'll be emailing you more information later today!

    Kel xx

  6. those brooches are soooooo cute!

  7. oh what you got engageed!! Congraaats or Mabroook (in Arabic) :D When's the wedding? I've always wanted to make me some homemade paste but I guess my laziness got in the way :P Hope your enjoying your winter down under, summer here is in full bloom yess so hot! Hope your having fun.. don;t forget to post a pic or post here and there, would love to see how your wedding preparations are going