Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mail room: update.

Here are few of the pretty little things that have made their way into my letter box lately. I have also been letter writing and parcel posting but I always forget to take photos of them before I send them. Also on the subject of stationary type things.. the past few days I have been busy setting up my Etsy shop! It's all a big learning curve! Still not ready to publicly open but I will let you know when I do :)
This is just one of the lovely pages from the "about me" book made by the lovely Freckle Fancy, part of Gracies Happy Mail Group.Do you know A Beautiful Mess? Of course you do! But if you don't you probably should. A few months ago I help fund their Kickstarter dream for the new Red Velvet dress line and I got this colourful print in return. It was a pretty exciting day for me :)
Laura and I did a little mix cd swap. How big are English stamps? HUGE! And how good is that cd case? So good. I love brown card and mix cds and dancing Moomin!
Gracie is one of my penpals and this is the sweet envelope that arrived this week. It was such a fun filled envelope and I can't wait to write back :)

Good mail days are the best xo


  1. Such fun things in your mailbox! I can't wait to see you Etsy shop.

  2. oh your mailbox must be such a happy place!! looks lovely :)

  3. I'm so jealous! I wish I had pen pals that were this creative :)
    Thanks for the birthday wishes too!