Wednesday, July 13, 2011

25 while I'm 25!

So, when I started this blog I planned to do the whole 101 things in 1001 Days thing.. well I have done a fair bit from my list but alot of them don't interest me anymore so I am not too into it now. I think 1001 days is such a long time and 101 things is so many things! Sheez! So, back in April I turned 25 and I know that was months ago but whatever, I make the rules. So here is my new list.. 25 things to do when I am 25 before I am 26 on April 14! And also just because I love lists.

1. Run a half marathon
2. List 100 things that make me happy
3. Build a sandcastle
4. Hike & camp overnight
5. Make a herb box
6. Get a crazy manicure
7. Get & use a birthday date book
8. Get my drivers lisence
9. Get a full time job that I like
10. Finish my 365 Day Project!
11. Take a whole roll of film with my SLR
12. Go ice skating
13. Go to a food festival
14. Watch a roller derby match
15. Go to a Zumba class
16. Wear false eyelashes
17. Make homemade marshmallows
18. Go to a hot yoga class
19. Go to a pick your own fruit farm.
20. Put $1000 into my home saver account
21. Sell something on Etsy
22. Watch a football game with my uncle- done
23. Use a underwater camera
24. Do 40 Hour Famine - done
25. Sponsor a child.


  1. Great list! I have a 101 list too, but I decided mine will be '101 Before I Turn 30' ... mostly because I couldn't figure out what date 1001 days in the future would be, haha.

    x Jasmine

  2. this list looks awesome! i think i have most of them on my 101 list :) keep us posted on your progress!

    Thanks for signing up to the sheet swap! cant wait to see what you create!

    Kel x