Sunday, September 4, 2011

365 day project: survival guide

This past week I finally finished my 365 Day Project! I had tried to do it a few years ago but didn't get past a month. I am a little surprised that I stuck it out for so long this time! It has been fun and it's really interesting to look back over the year with tiny insights into each day. I don't feel like my photography skills have improved much as I just have a basic point and shoot camera but I have learnt more about its settings.. it also really makes me want a DSLR. Since finishing I keep seeing things throughout my day and I think "that will be my photo of the day!" I started the project as I felt like I wasn't taking enough photos. I had been travelling for the past 2 years and so my Flickr was full of travel photos and then I came home and found that I wasn't taking many photos anymore. I now have a huge stash of photos! So anyway, I thought I would write out some of my survival tips if any of you are thinking of doing this project too!

Take your camera everywhere I quite often left my camera at home only to wish I had had with me. Or I haven't ended up coming home and then left with no chance to take photo. This was made easier at times with my iPhone camera.
Use a small camera
I even find mine is a bit heavy and it really isn't very fancy at all. I could have done it on my iPhone but I started it on my camera so I wanted to finish it on my camera.
Try to take photos in the morning
Because if your like me, you have high chance of forgetting in the afternoon/after dinner.
Take a photo of your dinner or your shoes if all else fails
I think over half of mine are actually food.. and maybe 20% are of my shoes. Plus, alot of mine are with my carpet or doona as background.
Keep the battery charged I was caught out when we went away for a weekend and I had 3 days of dead battery. (But luckily iPhone saved the day..)
Keep going!
There was never time when I wanted to stop doing it. I think I had forgotten to take a photo maybe 5-6 times in the whole time.. which had resulted in me to jump out of bed in the middle of the night and snap something boring like my doona or lamp.
Remember to upload frequently It has been a quite a chore remembering to upload my photos to Flickr. I do it about once a month and with my super slow internet it isn't much fun. It can be a little overwhelming and it was quite time consuming so I am glad to have that time back!

I don't know if I would do it again but I am definitely glad I have done it. I hope these tips help :)

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  1. That's awesome! I think I would like to do something like this because I always have my camera on me and I am always taking photos so it would be fun to do it and maybe create it into a memory book :)

    x Jasmine