Friday, September 9, 2011

I did: Zumba

As you may have read previously.. I joined a gym. I really only go for the classes and ummm.. to watch tv (While on the treadmill! We don't have a tv at home!) Anyway, I finally went to a Zumba class and I didn't like it. I have been to enough classes on my own so I wasn't nervous about being alone, I am however a bit unco when it comes to salsa dancing. The instructor was way too chipper, she was wearing a silly hat (not sombrero silly but still, silly!) The whole time I felt like I was in a Doritos corn chip commercial and when I left I was actually craving guacamole and tequila. Seriously! There were people sweating there.. I didn't even begin to break a sweat! In the change room afterwards I overheard a girl remark with glee "Zumba just blows my mind!" WHAT. Every song that was played was all like "ZUMBAZUMBAPARTYZUMBA!" I really don't like salsa music so I guess it wasn't destined to be plus I wasn't very comfortable shaking my booty and shaking other things so freely in public. I will stick to my RPM bike class and swing dancing I think!

Have you ever done Zumba? Did you like it?

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  1. Hahahaha this is so funny. I've never tried it but the ladies at my work swear by it.