Saturday, September 17, 2011

To be frank..

Dear blogger friends,
Do you know Frankie? It's a pretty magazine from Australia that has lovely pictures, nice articles, good fonts on sweet matte paper. I like it! I've been reading it since it came out years ago but in the past year or so I have only been reading it at the library/newsagent because it's a little pricey for me. Then a few weeks ago when I got my first big paycheck I splashed out and bought a copy! I read it, it was okay (I don't know why but I wasn't so into it as I used to be! I think it's gotten too cool for me or something? I don't even know half of what they are talking about! But that's a whole other blog post in itself!) and so anyway now it's just sitting in my room collecting dust. I was going to hack it apart for all the pretty pictures but I decided not to. I thought it would be nice to send it to a blog friend that perhaps has not ever read the loveliness of Frankie (or has, no biggie). So, first person here to comment with your email address will get my copy! Then I will email you for your postal address so I can it send to you.
Cool beans xoxo


  1. ooh ooh me me! i havent had a copy of frankie in AGES! x

  2. All yours Laura! I will slide it in with your mix cd xoxo

  3. I agree with your feelings about Frankie. I own every copy since issue 2, but I tend to buy it, go through it once and then never pick it up again. A lot of it is a bit too pretentious for my liking, not very 'real'. I feel obligated to buy it now because I have a collection. Ha.