Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mmmmm lammmmmington

Hello friends! The other day I cooked up a delicious storm in my kitchen to make lamingtons and I documented my cooking adventure over at Halleys blog Life of Something New. It was my first ever guest post and it was fun! Check it out here. I just read on Wikipedia that they are popular in Cleveland, Ohio. WHY!? They are big down under regardless!


  1. Whaaaat? Ohio??? Really? That's just crazy.
    Thanks again for the tasty guest post.

  2. I love lamingtons!!

    I wonder why they're so popular in Ohio?! Weird!

    x Jasmine

  3. They look so amazing. I would do anything to have a plate of those right now.

  4. Lamingtons are love. I adore them. And it is strange that they are popular in Ohio?! How odd.

  5. these look awesome! i am a bit scared to make lamingtons... i feel like i would ruin them! haha! maybe i will have to give it a go...