Thursday, August 5, 2010

All the matter in the world is how much that I like you

I saw Kate Nash last night at the sold out Corner show and I waited in the rain for an hour and the crowd was full of screaming effing youth. I also saw Kate Nash the previous night at the East Brunswick Club which was much nicer because it was a smaller venue and the crowd was more sane and friendly. I am so glad I went to both shows in the end despite it's mission destination. I didn't realise so many people liked her! There were lots of dresses and bows and fringes and flat shoes in the crowd.. and hardly any men! I am very tired now though and a wee bit deaf and feeling a bit confused as to whether I enjoyed it as much as I thought I would. She didn't play Early Christmas Present or Birds which I was bummed about. I guess I just realised that going to shows solo really sucks, I have no problem going places alone but I get sick of holding my own hand sometimes, plus for the most part I would have rather had been at home nice and warm with my boyf watching some zombie movie. I had a spare ticket which I sold on Ebay weeks ago before I knew this amazing boyfriend of mine would want to come with me just so I wouldn't have to go alone. I think it would have made his ears bleed but still it is nice that he wanted to tag along and keep me company because having company is nice having someone to share my chips with at midnight is nice too. Alas, I love you Kate Nash! ♥

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