Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Curious Tuesday 012 & 013

Oh hiiiiiii, I am still here but with minor amounts of internet and time but here I am! I miss you Blogspotters! Talking about tying knots and le vacationes this week!

1. How do you feel about marriage as a concept? Realistic? Romantic? A pipe-dream?
I think of it as realistic and very romantic and still a current thing not just an old fashioned ideal. I have never not wanted to get married. In fact when I was younger I always thought I would be married by now at the age of 24! Ha, not likely.
2. Do you think you’ll ever want to get married? YES.
3. If you did get married, would you want a big blow-out celebration or would you keep it low-key? Pretty low key I think, I don't like fancy shit. In a little church or on the beach and then a big bbq picnic later but reading wedding blogs (not that I do all that often, I swear) but you know sometimes you see these really amazing wedding videos and locations and music and food. I guess I would want to incorporate all sorts of bits and pieces of awesome but on a smaller scale.
4. If you are married now, how has that changed your relationship? N/A
5. If you’re married, how did you celebrate it? Knowing what you know now, would you have done it differently? N/A

&&& some questions from last week which I missed..
What were your family vacations like?
Where did you go? What did you do? What always happened? What was the best holiday you took together? What was the worst?
I remember in primary school all the rich kids got to go to Disneyland for holidays and we would always go to Rottnest or Exmouth. I was never really that jealous because I honestly felt like the parents were trying to buy their kids love (seriously, who spends that much money on a 8 year old?) I still don't get how or why parents take children on overseas holidays! The parents always look so pissed off and stressed and the kids always act so effing spoilt, argh! Sure, they must be rich and have money to burn and most likely don't need to "buy" their love but, shit, at that age I would rather see some real shit like native birds and karri trees. I much preferred seeing dolphins and quokkas and eating fresh fish and learning how to snorkel. I remember Mum always used to bring too much food, I remember singing John Williamson and Crowded House really loud. I think the best holiday we ever took was to a tiny town down south called Walpole.. I remember kayaking, watching my Dad fishing, roasting marshmallows, glass sculpture artists and smelling lavender fields. I am pretty sure that was the last holiday we had before my parents got divorced, so I guess it is also the worst for that reason :(

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