Thursday, August 5, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Dromana beach!, Kate Nash!, meeting future house mates, new pen pals, playing Star Wars Monopoly on Sunday nights with the phanau, so much mail, 2 types of cake at church, sleeping, not sleeping, 4am whispers, calls to make sure I get home ok, having someone to walk home with, sending postcards home, the Hipstomatic iPhone app, shopping for confetti, Kate Nash tea towels, East Brunswick Club, thinking every person on the tram is Justin Healzewood, Elvis themed pizza joints in seaside towns, when you can lift the arm rest at the cinema, baking jaffa cupcakes & bulk mushrooms for 50c! ETC!


  1. Star Wars Monopoly nights?! G'damn, why don't I live in Melbourne again?

  2. YES to Kate Nash and Hipstamatic!

  3. heyyy, just a heads up that i have a letter prepared for you, i am just waiting to have money to ship it out to you. Probably next weekend :(