Monday, August 16, 2010

& beyond

You know what is zero fun.. searching for nice bed sheets and doona covers. Seriously, where are all the nice ones? Not at Myer, David Jones, Target, Kmart or Big W that's for sure. Laaaaaaaaaame. But check out what Anthropologie have.. love letters bed sets for only $264, yikes!
Garrrrrrr, I really shouldn't look at American websites! Also, tonight I am moving house! And I feel like such a wreck for several reasons and I could almost cry and catch a plane back home right now and if it wasn't for my wonderful boyfriend that is where I would be (a plane back home) Fuck, I hope the rest gets better from now on.


  1. I know the downfalls of American websites too my friend. I hope everything is getting better for you, I'm an email away if you ever want to let it all out. :)

  2. I.


  3. Oh I always get my sheets and stuff from Target they must be having a bad season.
    Hope things get better soon!

  4. I hope your move went well for you! <3

    And YES, you are so right! Oh my goodness, why is it so hard to find excellent bedding? I've been searching for months, and at every store possible, and haven't been able to find anything! I never knew that it would be such a challenge!