Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I like compassion and thoughtful gifts

Miss Nash is my number one girl crush and in less than one month I get to see her live in concert for the first time ever! I have been thinking that I want to have a Kate Nash themed party, maybe for my birthday next year except that I only know of one person in the whole country that also likes her, hrmmm. Well anyway, the menu would comprise of pumpkin soup for entree, cheese on toast and bbq food for main and a million flavours of cake and strawberries for dessert. It would be at a park near the beach at sunset and then we would catch a train to dance at a disco til way past midnight and then we would come home and watch CSI and drink tea! And the dress code would be polka dots, florals and/or skeleton suits. Aww yeah!

Ohhhhhh & I just found this video from a photo shoot from a magazine called BlackBook which is incidentally from the same wonderful magazine that Laura sent me a few weeks ago because Kate Nash was in it and the reasons this video is awesome is because.. it features polaroids and bowling alleys and I am going bowling on Friday night with a boy! Seeeeeeeee..

Also because..

"Your world.. you can make it good. Find the people that make you feel good, be inspired, listen to music that makes you feel happy, go and swim with dolphins! Make your world good and then everything else is just like.. you kind of fight it with some kind of family that you've made of happiness"


  1. That party sounds amazing. Can I come? :)

  2. I feel your pain, I love Kate Nash but no one (I know) in Perth has heard of her!