Sunday, July 18, 2010

A map leading to my heart (part 1)

Some of the ways to melt my heart include but are not limited to the following..
♥ Make me a mixtape and/or mix cd of your favourite songs
♥ Send me a letter in the post
♥ Make me a music playlist to play especially for when you drive me around in your car
♥ Take me for walks around pretty lakes in the winter sun

♥ Wish me goodluck several times when you know I am nervous about my race
♥ Run towards me when you pick me up from the train station
♥ Introduce me to your friends and family

♥ Offer to take me to see the snow
♥ Wish me good luck and mean it
♥ Be prepared to skip church to watch me run in my first race
♥ Surprise roadtrips
♥ Call me more than you sms me
♥ Let me eat the big half of the slice of the Mars Bar cake
♥ Be a gentleman and open doors for me

♥ Tell me you like my outfit
♥ Tell me about your favourite bands
♥ Listen to my favourite bands

♥ Invite me to see Band of Horses even though you don't really know them but you think I do
♥ Be softly spoken
♥ Let me eat half your Subway footlong sub
♥ Make plans to see me 4 times in one week
♥ Make plans to see me 4 times in one day
♥ Hold my hand
♥ Quote lines from the IT Crowd
♥ Point out all the cute dogs at the park to me that you think I would like
♥ Send me cute smses about British television shows

♥ Drive me home while the sun is setting over the valley

♥ Tell me you would take me anywhere



  1. nawwwwww :) i take it you've met someone? me too. yay for boys & being happy!


  2. it is quite cute how you say sms instead of text message ;)