Thursday, July 29, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

♥ My boyfriend!!!, last Friday, burritos, Mew, napping whilst listening to Coldplay on the couch, traffic light kisses, the truth, Ewoks, "cha-chinggggg!", sending little parcels to the army, fireplaces at 7am on Sundays, breakfast invites, butterflies in my tummy, nacho nacho night, when he brings me cupcakes, my new queen size bed!, tellling Mum about my boyf, dancing on Toorak St, when customers tell me I am gorgeous (in a non-creepy way), having someone who has faith in me, homeware interviews, not sleeping, perfecting my Mr Robot dance moves at work, Vietnamese crepe faces, whispers, seeing Band of Horses!, Moss, being invited to England (!) and New Zealand (!), reading blog posts about mail, dreaming about future mail art, getting amazing parcels from Chicago!, phone calls when I am on my lunch break, Dad chats, certain Iphone apps, this coffee date!, kissing in the rain, napping in his car, matching tattoos and many many other things!


  1. I love these posts they always make me think about the good things happening in my life! I want to hear more about this boyfriend too. Do you have any tattoo's already, I am going to see someone about it this afternoon, I have wanted one for ages and think I am now ready to bite the bullet.
    Lets swap some mail soon :-)

  2. I'm glad, I really look forward to them too, I love sharing the little things that make me grin (which is normally just food I have eaten, lol) I do have one tattoo already.. a heart on my collarbone. This week I just got a fake one though. I can't wait to hear about your tattoo too, so exciting! Can we please swap mail? I would love to, I would love a new penpal :)

  3. I love relaxing to Coldplay too! :)