Thursday, July 22, 2010

Curious Tuesday 010

G'day! This weeks Curious Tuesday is courtesy of being a busy bee, waking up at 6am and of course, Gala.

1. What is your very best beauty tip? Smile, drink lots of water and get lots of fresh air? Or failing that, take flax seed capsules and use Bio Oil?

2. Who is your arch-nemesis? I don't know! There are unfortunately lots of people that could be contenders though but I try not to think about them.

3. What are the three things you need to do in order to feel sane? Run, drink water regularly and listen to music at all times.

4. What is the strangest food you have ever eaten? I ate whale when I was in Japan.. but I didn't know that's what is was at the time and my friend didn't tell me til much later and then I was so upset! Most things in Japan were pretty strange.. like Natto. Owwwwwwww, Natto is such a painful and putrid dish.

5. What is one thing in your wardrobe which makes you feel invincible?
My new Salomon running shorts! They are black and so so light and comfy. Total win.


  1. Haha I love Japan all the weird little concoctions. What was whale like?

  2. The whale from what I remember was actually ok and pretty similar to tuna or salmon sashimi. It was at a sushi bar and there were so many things that I don't think even had English translations fo.. oh dear :|

  3. I can't even imagine what whale would taste like! Visiting Japan and ordering food is possibly the only thing that makes me nervy about visiting there!

  4. i remember watching a television show about eating whale and it just looked like it would be like eating steak fat or something. way weird.

  5. Now officially scared about dining in Japan!