Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mister postman, look and see!

Have I told you lately how much I love mail? Well, guess what? I love mail so, so much. I got a huge parcel this week from the wonderful Meghan from The Perfect Compilation Tape all the way from Chicago as part of the the Colour Me Happy swap! Awwwww, my heart is all full of squishyness and I am gonna show you why!L-R (1.) I always think it's funny when foreign post offices stamp things with "first class" because I am pretty sure there is no second class for mail right? I am pretty sure Australia Post doesn't have "classes" .. I mean we have things like premium expresss, but thats different. I dunno. (2.) This cool and colourful book is all about birthdates and colours! Mine tells me I am sparkly! Teehee, yes sometimes I am and that's the way I like it (3.) How adorable are these postcards? They are stitched! They are photographs of vintage kitchenware! I love them so much! (4.) A green screen printed polaroid print! Makes my heart flutter!
L-R (1.) Polaroid pins! Red owls! Floral hair clip! Awwwww! (2.) More polaroid goodness! It's a polaroid album with gaps for photos and little questions about the photos, cute! I cannot wait to fill this up! (3.) More stitched postcard love! (4.) This is an old book that had been re-binded and filled with blank sheets and I am going to use it as my running journal!

Thankyou so much Meghan, it was all so thoughtful and exciting!

P.S I am taking part in Miss Biancas music swap!
Are you? DO ITTTTTT.
Best idea everrrrrrrr!
Because really, music + mail = perfection! ♥

P.P.S If any one wants to be a penpal of mine please email me!
I love new penpals and I always write back and ummm I am pretty awesome?


  1. That is so cute! What a great mail day!

  2. Yay what a lovely package, I love Meghan!
    Just emailed you :-)

  3. I just emailed you! I'm seriously jealous of that package :)

  4. Hey!!! I am SO glad you like it! After I sent it, I realized that I totally didn't play by the rules - as in, I forgot that we were supposed to send 3 items. Plus, I got super excited shopping for you that I didn't get a lot of red:( So I am really sorry about that! Hope you have a great day!!!

  5. i adore real mail too. so lovely + personal.


    xo Alison

  6. What a cool package, you lucky thing! Ahh bloggy love always fills my heart. :)