Thursday, July 15, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

♥ First dates, being driven home listening to Copeland, seeing grown men in suits carrying presents wrapped in bright ribbons and paper, entering my first ever 10km race, Super Mario GP on land, sleepovers, boys that make music playlists especially for a car ride with me, caramel hot chocolates, winter sun, butterflies in my tummy, phone calls just to say hi, late night smses from home that say just "love you", mix cds in the mail from my favourite penpal, cover versions of Maps, Italian ballads, colour co-ordination extravaganza at work, making plans, when the bus driver is playing Gyroscope, it being so sunny that I don't need to wear a coat for the first time in weeks, Bonds galaxy themed undies, phonecalls from home about storms and chocolate stashes, dancing to Jay-Z at work, phonecalls, voicemails, hunting down Italian dessert, Miss Seltmann in velour, seeing bffs holding hands while teaching each other how to skateboard, The Birmingham, holding hands, pesto on my pizzas, seeing Kate Nash's name up in lights as an upcoming show, pro con lists, working in Hawthorn, kisses in the carpark and homemade bircher muesli.

"The Grey Man" by Copeland from One Small Instrument Pictures on Vimeo.


  1. Sigh! I adore your list. Kate Nash. Phone calls. Butterflies. I love it!

  2. This song is awesome. I had never heard it before.

  3. great song! copeland reminds me of being fifteen--oh my god, i'm so old. lol.

    haha, we had the same luke perry crush!

    thanks for commenting and reading--i appreciate it!