Sunday, July 11, 2010

I've got nostalgic pavements

As you may know, I recently moved out of my
wonderfully decorated room in sunny old Perth and I am now in a lovely unit in Melbourne but alas.. I have not so much of "me" to decorate my room as it all back home still. That was until a lovely lady by the name of Chrissy sent me the goods to make my own doilie garland as part of the Simply Delightful package swap! Awwwww yeah, the one on the right is my room (the left one being the main inspiration)! I have hung it from my ceiling light and attached the string to my curtain rods and I love love love it! It is so pretty when the afternoon sun leaks through them and I realised they actually look like snowflakes at night time.. I love snowflakes! The whole package was just so freaking lovely.. it was from my favourite place, New Zealand so I was stoked to find Pineapple Lumps inside (no chance of a photo, they were in my tummy pretty quickly..) and there was also some sweet as hairclips, an adorable scarf and a cute letter. It really was simply delightful :) Thanks Chrissy & Tillie too for hosting swaps ♥


  1. oh yours came out even better! glad you like, i got home from tonga to your lovely letter yesterday. xx

  2. magical!!!

    don't you just love tillie and the swap idea?! i'm still waiting on mine but i'm so happy my partner liked hers (mine went to Sweden). I'm a huge fan of swaps.

    if you ever want a pen friend in VA, i'm your girl :)