Thursday, July 8, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

♥ Houses that have central heating, parties with cookie platters, outer city streets that have black & white photobooths, appearing offline all of the time, ravioli with butter sauce, Americana parties with beer pong and flip cup, macaroni, Jo Bros, my patent brogues, The Boss teacups for 50c, Flight of the Concords on Sunday mornings, a week without work, pro Melbourne attitudes, smses from home about 2004 bootlegs, Hawaiian cocktail bars, vegan roti balls, good intentions, writing love letters to friends near and far, finally turning on my electric heater is my room, San Churros dates, cinnamon something dulce something hot chocolate, day trips to Healesville, being a member of two different libraries (double the books! =140 books!), dumpster diving resulting in vintage suitcase #4, when I went for a run and a boy was running towards me wearing one of those panda beanies with the long ears.. it was cute and so so funny (I imagined he really was a panda..), a payday at last!, listening to the Cure for hours on end, talking to really cute boys about The Cure (and Korn..), writing this list every week, lentil burgers, boxes of berries in the freezer, my new Glenburnie running track and looking forward to seeing Sally Seltmann on Saturday!


  1. THere is really nothing in this list I don't like. I kind of want to sneak away to Melbourne and live with you :P

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with all of these loves! Gosh what I wouldn't do for a house that has central heating right now lol. And Flight of the Conchords are a total win on lazy Sunday mornings :)

  3. <3 Just wanted to say hi!

  4. I love these lists! Oh I really want to run, I should use you as inspiration.
    And I love the package you received the other day so sweet.
    And the Kiki k mail stickers are so worth it!

  5. Awesome list! I especially love Flight of the Conchords and cookie platters:) Hope your day is fantastic, swap partner!!!

  6. i love everything about this!!
    cookie platters?? i want to go to that party! ahh beer pong and flip cup... why are they so much fun!
    also are those your shoes?? because I LOVE THEM! with all my heart!!!
    also i've been having ravioli have 3 times a week! i'm obsessed!

  7. Mmmm . . . cookies and The Cure : )

  8. Monster- Please do!!! :)
    Megan- Running is great and I think it's easy to get started and good luck if you do :)
    Chelsea Rebecca- Thanks! They are my actual shoes! I feel like a magical person with tinkle toe powers in them :D