Thursday, July 22, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

♥ Sore cheeks from smiling so much, running!, Dark Was The Night compilation, skipping work because of "swollen ankle" but really for Pancakes and the cinema, The Kooks playing on the stereo at Grill'd, nutella pizza, supportive smses at 7am, seeing my first Victorian sunrise, seeing my first ever flock of BATS!, forehead kisses, showers at work, the view from Glenferrie station, applying for cupcake jobs, making decisions, stationary departments, dinner with my Victorian phanau, this band called Surrogate, wagging work for hanging out with the boy, laundry day, wrapping up parcels with string, going to the post office, my name in the newspaper for my run!, Runners World magazine, breakfast dates, smses that tell you he is counting down the day til he's sees you next, more Kate Nash tickets!, still getting some Centrelink loving, lentil curry soup, Pancake Parlour for post-run debrief/cuddles, when I think I see the editor of Frankie out in public, finding old camping books from the 1930's at work, Old Gold raspberry chocolate & so many other things!


  1. glad you're so happy :) the Dark was the Night Compilation is brilliant.

  2. raspberry chocolate and nutella pizza sound way too good.