Sunday, May 23, 2010

All of these old addresses

Welcome to my room! It occurred to me this morning that when I move to Melbourne in a few weeks that I will not be taking much of anything, especially many of the bits and pieces that are currently in my room so I thought I would document it while I still have it all.

This is 2 of my 2 old suitcases that I use for storage and a collection which I hope to one day reach the ceiling. Inside it contains all my hiking gear, to the left is my beloved (and dusty) snowboard and to the right are my backpacks. The blue suitcase I found across the road a few months ago for the bulk rubbish collection, I love the colour and shape! The green one is one I got in Melbourne last year that I bought for $2 and I remember when I opened it up.. it was full of snowflake confetti! I remember I even bought a bigger bag to put in because I didn't want it getting damaged on the flight home.

My beloved bookshelf. I have always wanted a full bookcase and one day, I will have a whole room of books wall to wall! I'm not taking many books at all to Melbourne which is a total bummer. Well, maybe a few will make their way into my luggage.
But really, chances are I will have a whole new collection before too long over there any way.

My Polaroid wall and map of Japan! My friend in Japan sent me this map years ago and all the words on it are in Japanese script so she wrote all over it and translated the special parts for me and therefor, I love it all the more. I remember taking my first ever Polaroid in year 10 when my photography class went on an excursion to a studio and we got the play with them.. the rest is history. These bad boys are most definitely coming to Melbourne with me.

The rest of the photos are on my Flickr. I still really do not understand Blogspot + photo formatting so look there to see more because it's really not working for me here. Plus here is another one of my favourite songs at the moment.. Fyfe Dangerfield singing about rooms ♥


  1. Wish I had my own snowboard and that gorgeous green suitcase! Jealous! All your stuff is lovely :)

  2. oh how cute are your things! i love this! and i love your polariod wall. I want more polaroids!

  3. Love your polaroid wall (i have one of my own :)

    And yay i would love to do another magazine swap with Frankie if you fancy it too? Maybe the next issue? (or current one?) - Not sure what you'd like in return, are there any mags/things from the UK you'd like?

  4. Hi Milly! Maybe next issue just so you get a current one? I think it's next due in a few short weeks. Email me your address and I will send it along to you :) I like most magazines that aren't Cosmopolitan, haha but really send me anything I am sure I will love it as you are clearly quite awesome.