Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oh Sleevie, oh Sleevie, why can't you see

I am currently in the market for a sleeve for my brand new laptop.
These are some of my current favourites..

Felt Sachel from Kikki K
I think if I owned this I would have to plaster it in some kind of decal or patch because as much as I like grey marle and felt, it is very plain. If only it was red felt! & if only it had a zipper (as I am likely to spill things all over it) But the button detail and general shape is pretty tops

Ahhhhh above most things I love snail mail and how amazing is this sleeve! It appears to be padded, semi water resistant and with a velcro closure..pretty much pefrect. I think this is the winner already hands down

I love the colour brown and tree silouettes so this is pretty perfect for me. Plus, handles!

BookBook from Twelve Below

It's a book? No! It's a standard laptop sleeve? No! It's for Macs only? Yes, booooooo.

It is a pretty simple design, but made of sweet neoprene which is a big plus as I am pretty good at dropping things. Also, it's red and quite good value at $50.

VERDICT: I don't know! Plus there is a whole other world of sleeve possiblities on Etsy. I am starting to think maybe I will attempt to make my own.. all I need is a zipper, fabric and padding right? My actual laptop is still on lazy way to me from the factory so I will wait and see. Stay tuned!

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  1. Ohhh that book one is THE BEST! Just like the notebooks I had in primary school...I'm not sold on the Kikki K felt range, I always see people carrying horrible pilling folios from the same fabric...