Wednesday, April 14, 2010

24 forever

Blowing out the candles from my cake

I choke on the smoke as I look around the room
Everybodys wishing for no more mistakes

And all that I can think about is you
Still too young to fail, to scared to sail away

But one of these days I'll grow old

And I'll grow brave and I'll go
One of these days
La da la da la da

Angus & Julia Stone - Chocolates and Cigarettes

Today it is my 24th birthday! I did have a wee mid youth melt-down some weeks ago but I like to think I am over all that so heres to high hopes and bursting dreams for the coming year. Not much has changed since this day last year, I am still living at home, with no drivers license or awe aspiring career or heart stopping love from a dream boat of a boyfriend and most of my bff's still exist in other countries.. but I do think I am in a better place this year. I have plans for the future that are well on their way and I have done alot of amazing things since my last birthday so it's all good. Today I refused to work so I could sleep in (or at least try to..), watched Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, went for a nice long run along the beach, went the library, had a back massage and soon the fam is going to have a big Mexican feast ♥

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