Thursday, April 15, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

♥ April 9th! Gyroscope instore & old bff reunions & my Dell delivered & sushi for the first time since Japan & James Mercer in the mail & The Sweater Song!

♥ April 14th! Turning 24 and not feeling bad about it & all the phanau & phone call from boy crush & reserving many a wonderful book at the library & the weather (sunny with rain and not muggy.. mmmm) & so many lovely messages from friends & The Wheaton Occurance and bizarre sms timing from boy crush.
& ♥ my new running training watch, runnning in general, my Dockers, setting the date for Tassie, re-watching old favorites on my day off, smses from boys about Big Bang Theory, a real French patisserie opening up next door to my work, Japanese plum wine, Fifty500, not quitting just yet, brown paper packages and envelopes, finding new awesome blogs, "little spoon", advice from Ella Bache, little tiny lambs at the petting farm at the shops, learning hook turns, scarf climates, Splendor in the Grass announcement with possible Kate Nash sideshows!?

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