Friday, April 2, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

♥ Better be home soon & the archers bows have broken & just a boy live in concert at long last, the fucking drummer at my work!, lifts home, Cohesion streaming, smses about those shirtless boys and mullets, San Churros with lovely ladies, payday, R-Pattz in Remember Me, shopping for training watches, finally owning a pair of Tigers, my Dell arriving in Australia, dating advice from my sister, beer, a real two day weekend, the prospect of sleeping in, Easter madness at work being over with!

Honestly, this week kinda sucked. I tried to believe it was all ok and keep my chin up but the truth is I am just exhausted, broke, lost and now.. heartbroken. Getting dumped by a boy that isn't even your actual boyfriend but is the closest thing you have ever been to having one on April Fools, suckssssssss! Bring on April 2nd!

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