Sunday, April 25, 2010

Later on I'm crying my stupid eyes out

Somethings I did this week:

-Paid for a cd with all gold coins that I stole from my brothers piggy bank. It was for the new Kate Nash cd and therefor, essential and for the record, so fucking worth it.

-Met up with my best friend from high school whom I havent seen in over a year. It wasn't like "whoa, lets hang out every weekend again" but it was nice to catch up and to know that neither of us hate each other. Up until very recently I used to feel like she did hate me but really, we have just grown apart and I am finally okay with that.

-I bought a one way plane ticket to Melbourne. Because you know, I have been thinking life is too short to spend here living at home, commuting for almost 2 hours a day to a job I almost loathe, to hang out with no friends on the weekends. I leave early June! I will be living with my best friend in her house with her puppy and kitten and it will be a vegetarian house too!

-Laid on a hospital bed to get 2 incisions and subsequent stitches on my legs to save me from possible melanomas in the future. The needles were so painful but the nurse gave me 2 Tim Tams afterwards so that was ok. I was devastated to hear that I would not be allowed to run for at least 10 days though, I am already missing it pretty bad and this also totally messes up my marathon training which I now won't be able to compete in 2 weeks.In fact I am not allowed to run, swim or any lower body exercise.. which pretty much leaves me with.. typing on my laptop?

-Cleared out my wardrobe, well not the clothes side of it but all the other things in there like my old cassettes, old letters from penpals and the 10+ journals I have saved. Most of them are taped shut but I opened a few up to have a quick read. I think if I am going to sit down and really go through them I want to be a bit older and feel a bit more emotionally sorted out because really, at the moment, any old diary entry from 5 years ago could have just as likely have been from yesterday. Not much has changed hey! Although I like looking through my old travel diary at any old time.


  1. hello dear! good to have you back again :) that is SO exciting about melbourne, i am super jealous- congrats!

    oh & the kate nash album is starting to grow on me, but i don't think i'll ever love it as much as made of bricks. heh.

  2. Hey! Glad to be back:) Yeah, I dunno.. the new album is definetly different! xo

  3. all of these plans sound exciting!