Thursday, April 8, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

The pop, sleeping in, Dell time getting closer, pay day time getting closer, Melbourne time getting closer, finally figuring out how to make the setting on here look less crap, a clean room, making appointments, Midnight Youth touring in June, talking to boys about bands, making out with the Big Bang Theory on in the background, when parents go away for the weekend, sms advice, 3 cheese toasties, Grolsch beer, public holidays, matching Shanghai set, Port Royal, impromptu FB chats with my sister.

♥ MONSTERS OF FOLK. In particular, this song..


  1. i got a free download of their song "say please" ages ago, and until now that's all i had heard from MoF. i looove this!
    ps- what is this "Melbourne time"? thanks for stopping by the blerg.

  2. Hi! "Melbourne time" is code word for "I'm moving to Melbourne!" (in June!) :D