Thursday, April 22, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

♥ Crushing on that cute hardcore ginger boy that works down the road, journalling on the train on Saturday mornings, empty buses, Ginnifer Goodwin, getting drunk on sisterhood, Kate Nash fucking swearing, Kate Nash's new album streaming live, ordering Kate Nash's new album from my favorite record store, everything about Kate Nash, imaging how cute a Kate Nash audience would look, planning roadtrip down south for the winter, Masterchef back on tv, Lisa winning Biggest Loser and being first ever female to win!, reading my old blog, anticipating a sleep in, my new polaroid wall, Mettams beach on a Sunday, pre sale tickets, buying tickets for interstate concerts, postcard in the mail to say "the Kate Nash cd your ordered is now available for pickup", cinnamon and honey with natural yogurt for breakfast and The Notebook Doodles blog especially the letters to crushes set from his/her Flickr, awww.


This song reminds me of the mid 90's and my old house and my brother.

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