Monday, April 19, 2010

Things I bought before I ended up with $1.50 in the bank

I don't go shopping very often, I swear I don't. I buy plane tickets before stilettos. I buy hiking equipment before hair spray. I have spent the past 4 years saving and spending for several airplanes in and out of this country. However now I am back home with no trip to save for and sometimes somethings in shops just make me feel weak and vulnerable. If I ever have half an hour to spare in the city I will almost always go and drool over the Marc Jacobs handbags at David Jones. I simply do not know why.. I cannot and will not actually ever bring myself to ever spent such amounts of money on such things, so who knows. So, here is a small collection of where my last paycheck went and why I now have less than $2 in the bank for the next fortnight.

Love Mail tote from Kikki K
This bag is basically everything I want in a bag.. it's big, it's tough and it looks like a huge airmail envelope. It was quite funny as when I first spotted in the shop, I hugged it and then realised the sales assistant was behind me. I laughed at my myself


Birchwood jacket from Macpac
A simple grey coat, ohhhh! Cannot wait to wear this for winter, MMMMM.

Mineral Lip & Cheek Tint by Natio
I am not a make up type of girl at all but I do like the idea of chemical free mineral makeup, plus I am a sucker for rosy cheeks and bright lips. This beauty has a really handy easy to use applicator too (unlike those silly wands and pots), this one is literally like a paint brush and I really like the colour too.

Icebreaker printed leggings in Daphne Quartz
The moment I saw these I knew I needed them in my life. They are snowflakes! As thermal leggings! It's sweet sweet merino! I also got the the matching top too. I love thermals especially when they are aren't plain black, mmmmm. Now we just need some wintery weather..

Gyroscope - Cohesion
When I say "my boys" this is the band I am talking about. I calculated that since I first saw them in 2001 I have seen them live 63 times! That may be alot of times, but I will never tire of hearing or seeing them live. I love them more than any other band in the universe and I am so impressed and proud of their new album.

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