Monday, April 12, 2010

Spirulina & I

Spirulina is from an ancient South American algae plant that is highly nutrious and packed full of protein and heaps of other goodies. I have read many a great thing about this wonderous green vitamin and I did consume a fair amount of it in juices and smoothies in New Zealand (not so popular in Australia for some reason?) and so I decieded to increase my intake by taking it in vitamin capsule form as I have been lacking in energy levels lately. I was at my local health food store and keen to try something magical and energy boosting and Life Stream spirulina was the winner. So, the capsule is very dark green and chalky and tastes like powdered grass, pretty much. The actual packaging says you can take up to 18 capsules a day to maximize the effects and to get optimum nutrition.. what the flip? I have better things to do with my day than take that crazy amount! The most I think I took in any one day was perhaps 7-8. Luckily they didn't give me a funny aftertaste like fish oil vitamins do but I still don't like swallowing big green hockey pucks too often. Overall, I wasn't too impressed with any affects it had on me. The label says "rich in nutrients for lasting energy" and I was no getting any extra energy at all so thumbs down! Next time I think I will get it in powder form to add to my spinach and berry smoothies.

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