Sunday, May 2, 2010

101 Project : April update

Inspired by the Day Zero Project!
Start : 11th March 2010 Finish : 7th December 2012
Italic = in process of completing Bold = completed
My full 101 in 1000 Days list here

2. Do monthly 101 Project update on blog (2/32)

7. Find someone
Cryptic, I know. Found! April 3rd 2010!

9. Buy a laptop
I am now the proud owner of a Dell Studio with a Mike Ming skin, pretty fancy and wonderful. Love it! Oh, and backlit keyboard! Amazing.

16. Take one photo of myself a month (2/32)
Apart from webcam shots, I haven't used my camera since I was in New Zealand in February. I was contemplating starting the 365 photos project where you take a photo everyday for a year but I had tried that before and lasted 2 weeks.. it's tough! And it would quite honestly turn into a photo of my dog everyday. But maybe one day I would like to try it again.

18. Do not smoke
I caved. But, it is only temporar
ily, for one tough day only! When I say do not smoke, I mean, don't be a smoker. I know every cigarette you smoke is doing you damage and it is the worst thing in general to do especially as I want to be a runner but sitting on a kerb with my sister at midnight drinking slurpees and smoking cigarettes is one of my favourite activities. Also my sis is a pretty full on smoker so when I move in with her I am going to try really hard to not make it a habit. Stay tuned.

20. See dermotologist

24. Paint nails once a month (2/32)
Pastel pink shimmer again.

69. Watch Adventureland
Yes! It was ok. Not brilliant but still a nice coming of age film.

70. Watch Flashdance
Not impressed at all. I could only watch 40 minutes.

72. Watch Julia & Julia with Mum
Finally! It was actually alot of fun, we drank Baileys and ate chocolate and she even stayed awake for the whole film and we both really enjoyed it :)

82. Find 10 new bands to love (1/10)
Two Door Cinema Club!
One of the boys at work played them one night and I really liked them, despite all the synths and hype.

87. Learn how to say hello in 10 different languages.
Lets see what I already know.. Aussie: G'day, Kiwi: Kia ora, French: Bonjour, German: Guten Tag, Japanese: Konichiwa. Hawiaan: Aloha, Mexican: Hola. New ones.. Swahili/Masai: Jambo!, Czech: Ahoj! Noongah: Barttaning harro, Lithuanian: Labas, Nepalese: Namaste, Inuit: Kutaa
, Hebrew: Shalom.

96. Read at least 1 novel a month
This month;
What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami (which I didn't like as much as his other books but it was still nice to read about running) & The Good Body by Eve Ensler (some of the women in this book made me feel kind of angry because of what they put themselves though to please others, but I guess it made me feel glad that I am not like that) Back from Africa by Corinne Hofmann (I finally finished the third book in her trilogy. This woman is amazing and I love her tales)

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