Wednesday, May 19, 2010


As part of my 101 Project one of the tasks is.. no Facebook for 7 days (Facetox!). I have actually gone over 7 days without Facebook or internet before whilst travelling/hiking but this is different, this is the real world when things like complete and utter boredum get in the way. And curiosity. So, here is my week without the beast known as Facebook..

Day 1: Every morning before work I usually check my Facebook and emails, but today I did not! I tried to actually block the site in case I get desperate but couldn't figure it out so I just deleted it from my favorites. I felt stupidly liberated. At work I told a co-worker that I would send them a link for something but now that will have to wait a week until I do log back on.

Day 2: I'm fine!

Day 3/4/5: I had to help out Dad with his FB to explain how to post on peoples walls but apart from that, zilch FB. I forgot to unsubscribe from email notifications so I keep getting them but not opening them. I did however get a message from a boy crush from years ago but I haven't opened it yet. I am pretty sure it says "Hey, where in the world are you now? Blaa blaa blaa" or maybe it says "Hey, I know I blew my chance years ago and I'm sorry I didn't have the guts to tell you how much I liked you, I would love to catch up if you're in town etc" Suspense that will have to wait until Wednesday!

Day 6: On my days off or when I am killing time on the internet, Facebook has always been there. Not this week. I have actually found that I am pretty much spending the same amount of time on the internet as usual but I guess this way I am not stalking that stupid boy that semi-dumped me nor do I see what my old pals are upto. But I will eventually.. in 2 days (I have in the meantime come to the conclusion that the boy will be deleted from my friends list asap) One of my favourite new bloggers, The New Me wrote this epic post about how to ruin your morning thanks to FB. Soooooo true.

Day 7: I can technically go back onto FB in under an hour but I am going to go to go bed instead. I am still very curious to see what old boy crush has to say to me after a few months of no contact.. we'll see in the morning! I think it has been quite nice without FB.. I still got the email notifications but didn't read them but really, I only got like 3 in the past week, woo!

Day 8: Back on the 'book! The old boy crush said in his message to me.. "How are you? I'm good. How is work? Are you a fan of the band Midlake? Looks like they're playing a gig at Capitol this winter and I was wondering if you'd be interested in seeing them? I've heard they're great live." Blaa blaa blaa. Firstly no, I am not a fan of Midlake. I've heard of them but thats all. This boy is actually the one who introduced me to The Shins like 5 years ago and they then became one of my favourite bands so yeah, he has pretty good taste. Secondly, was that an invitation for a date? After how many years dude!? Gahhhhh! Thirdly, I am leaving the state in 3 weeks so slim to none chance of us becoming pals again. BA-BOWWW. So apart from that whole boy business, I still think Facebook is lame and I quite liked not having it in my daily life, but it's so addictive when it is around. & yes, that other dirtbag of a boy from the past few months has been "removed".

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  1. I am so impressed you stayed off for a week! GO YOU! I'd cave. *blush*