Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's not a fan letter, it's complicated

I can't think of too many Aussie rom-coms so when I heard of I Love You Too being released I was pretty excited because to me, there is no genre as good as sweet romantic films with some laughs and the fact that it is an Australian movie just makes it all the more better. I was lucky enough to see it last night and I really loved it. It was weird seeing so many Aussie TV actors on the big screen but the story was really good with parts of absolute heartbreak but also wonderful warm fuzzie heart butterfly parts too. It was full of such good pearls of wisdom (mainly all from Peter Dinklage) for example, "text messages ruin relationships" or something to that effect. Yes, I fully agree. It wasn't even too bogan like some Aussie films are. I guess I really liked it because there was the whole long distance issue in it, the having to growing up and do adult things subject and I guess getting some guts to say how you really feel. Hearts on the line type of thing. I wish my real life was like that. Hearts wide open ♥

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