Monday, May 10, 2010

A form of nostalgia

I love Miranda July. Everything she does is magic to me and she is very inspirational. I am doing some of the "assignments" from her website as part of my 101 Project and this is my first..
Give advice to yourself in the past. It's occured to me that I could give myself so much advice, seriously, I could just go on and on and on. I really just love advice in general, for example New Resolution has some gems, here are some nice jpgs too plus of course the almighty Sunscreen Song which I should listen to at least daily.

Advice to myself at age 18.
  • Don't spend over $100 dollars on a haircut in Melbourne just because it was the last place open. Haircuts are not that important and it wasn't even a good hair cut, in fact, it looked pretty rediculous
  • Keep in touch with A & I because they are great girls and just because you live on other sides of the country it is good to have people who share common interests with you
  • Don't get jealous or sad because your best friend isn't as close to you as she used to be. You can still be friends with her and it isn't all or nothing. She is a great friend to have so hold onto her.
  • Always remember how great it was to see Dashboard Confessional play for the first time and how you rang K.A for her favourite song and how she still remembers it fondly.
  • Actually move into that cute house in Melbourne and don't buy a one way ticket home instead.
  • Don't worry about dropping out of Tafe. You know it wasn't right for you and you will eventually realise what you want to study eventually.
  • Keep listening to the radio otherwise you will just keep listening to the same old bands
  • Don't dye your hair jet black. Don't dye your hair in general.
  • Appreciate the times when you and your friends would hang out on weekends and go to all ages shows and have picnics and make mixtapes for each other because this won't happen much in the future because we will all be too busy working, seeing boyfriends, studying, getting pregnant, moving away etc.
  • Call your Aunty & Uncle when you are in Melbourne because you know they live there and they would love to see you.
  • Learn to drive a car! Don't let Mum or Dad be responsible for this actually happening, they are never going to get sensible cars to drive in so the only way to do this is to get your own car and don't even let them give you lessons, it will just make you loathe it more.
P.S I wrote this last night and couldn't stop thinking about it and it pretty much kept me up all night thinking. I think it's good to think about and remember the tough times you went through even though it still kinda hurts when you think about some parts. It also made me realise alot of the past 6 years just all blur together in one big confusing mess. I just have to figure out how to move past all this, and uhhh, get a life. Plus watching Suddenly 30 doesn't help the equation either.

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  1. I love Miranda July, too! I had a 101 list for a while (I didn't finish it in time, so now it's just a Life List!) and completing one of her assignments was on it. I never did get around to that one - thanks for re-inspiring me!