Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm sticking with you

I am pretty fond of using pegs as room decorations and as useful, non permanent wall fixtures. The walls in my room have no hooks at all so my walls are littered with plain wooden pegs with blu tack on the back hanging up concert tickets, necklaces, poems, photos, bus timetables, lists and also somedays not on walls.. to pin my hair up. In my new place I want to have a long line with coloured pegs holding up photos and I think it's a cute way to display pretty dresses and blouses too.

Part of my room!
1 x Tegan & Sara ticket
3 x Gyroscope tickets
3 x Wil Anderson tickets
keyring from Belgium
I would upload more but I simply do not understand Blogspot.
The photo uploading is so hard making it look decent. Any tips

Here are some other images with pegs for home decorating found on Tumlbr :)

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  1. Ah yes, I love the idea of using pegs too. Very cute. x