Thursday, May 20, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

♥ Hearing T&S sing The Ocean!, my bangs are back!, ice-cream for dinner, ordering paneer at the Indian restaurant because that is what Sheldon Cooper would do, when customers sing along to my music playlist at work, calling the Corner at 9am, girl crush!, Wil in flip flops, when the glass repair man looks like Jemaine Clement, my Package project partner!, days off, playing scrabble until 11pm with my parents, listening to the Temper Trap alot, less than 3 weeks til M-dot!, hugs, sleeping in until 10am, almond croissants from the new French bakery next door (holey moley, they are incredible), boys that like Regina Spektor, planning my day around the Ellen show, searching Ebay for cassettes and lastly but not least.. letting-them-go!

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