Sunday, May 30, 2010

Winter love list

Most of the people on my bloglist are Northern Hemisperians and therefor, all pumped for summer and are making dreamy magical posts about beaches to swim at, books to read, places to see, whereas I am gearing up for winter down under. So, here is my winter wonderland list for 2010..
  • I guess the big one is.. Melbourne in a few short weeks! I think winter has already begun over east but in Perth it's still sunny but with a wee chill. I might actually see snow this year in Victoria! I ♥ SNOW! I might actually have to wear wellington boots for the first time in decades. I might actually use an electric blanket for the first time ever! I will actually be able to buy pumpkin spice lattes! I have so many exciting plans for Melbourne and am very very excited to get there. (Hi sis!)
  • South west trip! This trip was originally meant to be a 5 day trip visiting several towns up until a few hours but now it just involves Bunbury and for one day only, lame! But regardless, there will still be mixtapes, large amounts of bakery foods, lighthouse hunting and maybe some fishing. But no mountain climbing, whale watching or cheese tasting, boooo.
  • Bands! I have tickets to see my Gyroscope not once, not twice but three times in 1 week in 2 states. Plus, I have tickets to see Kate Nash too! Plus, there are sooooo many Splendour sideshows that I may go to also. Plus, Melbourne city hardcore shows (are the best!) Plus, maybe Dionne Warwick!
  • Hairspray! Live!
  • FOOTBALL! & basketball.
  • Fun indoor activities! Eg; ten pin bowling, ice skating, pajama parties, building forts out of furniture and blankets, scrabble etc!
  • Cooking! I have a bounty of ideas for winter cooking when I get to Melbourne. Soups, pies, risottos, and general vegetarian goodness. And smores and gluwine!
  • I want to do lots of craft projects! And make big warm fuzzy packages for my penpals.
  • My winter wardrobe! This winter I am going to buy boots .. winter boots! I have never worn winter boots and I am pretty sure my Chucks just won't cut it in Melbourne. Plus tis the season of stockings, cheesey knitted sweaters, scarves and gloves! I love winter wardrobes the most.
  • Movies! I want to see SATC 2 & The Runaways and I think that's all? I think I will just stick to my reading lists.

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  1. I am having the exact same problem reading all the summer posts whilst I am left shivering in my boots, its already so cold in Canberra! Cooking, craft and movies are definately on my winter to do list too.