Thursday, May 6, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Meeting old friends for pre-work drinks in underground bars, quitting my job (!), getting stitches out, Frankie magazine in the waiting room at the hospital, hanging out with my old boss & new baby, discovering new amamamamazing blogs such as: Glossary! and Missed Connections, finally getting to talk to my sis on webcam.. for 6 hours straight, dreaming up vegetarian recipes to make in Melbourne, pear and ricotta bagels from Tiger Tiger (worth me being 15 minutes late for work, yes!), ordering books on Ebay from Wales, when people reccommend songs for me to listen, Daniel Sanders silent protest on national tv, sending actual airmail envelopes overseas, planning cupboard painting nights, when hospitals smell like peaches, the Mimic feature on Msn.. so hilarious, planning Zooey & Scrabble nights, planning date night for SATC 2 in gold class, finally seeing full SATC 2 preview on the big screen, polenta, Wednesday night tv, the hallways at work smelling HONEY BREAD wafting through from the new patiserrie next door, finding the good lettuce in the garden, counting down to 5 weeks, finally wearing my patent oxfords, getting dressed up for dinner, when the city smells like campfire in a good way, getting all my photos developed and album ready!

This song! I listened to it alot when I was in New Zealand & it really makes my heart ache but in a good way. I remember driving home to my friends farm along the coast and listening to this band alot and reminds me of a certain Kiwi boy too. This is actually an acoustic version but I'm glad there is still mr harmonica in it. There is also the album version here with a lovely film clip.

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