Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Love letter to PB

Hey America, why has it taken you so long to send us peanut butter M&Ms? Now you are for sale at the deli near my work, there is no going back. I was browsing the aisles with my yogurt in one hand and I had to back track to make sure it really was you. It was! You are in your pretty little red paper wrapper and I know you're not made here because our M&M's normally come in plastic wrappings. You're not even popular enough to be made here yet, you are still made in Hackettstown, NJ. You taste so much better than Reeses simply for the fact that you have a delicious crunchy shell like the rest of your family and you taste just like you did in June 2007 in the best way possible! I love you peanut butter M&M's, thanks for cheering up my dismal Tuesday.

My top 5 American foods that I cannot buy here..
♥ Pinkberries (with raspberries and oreo's!)
♥ Teaberry chewing gum (tastes like summer camp!)
♥ Pumpkin pie (sure, I can make it, but I can't buy it)
♥ Bagels (of the "everything" variety)
♥ Vanilla toothpaste (it's as good as food ok?)

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